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Fortune Magazine

Fortune Magazine Cover - Black Power Inc.Pioneers
Meet six unsung civil rights heroes—among the first black men to fight their way into the executive suite.

Fortune Magazine Cover - Black Power Inc.The Man Who Changed Medicine
Mike Milken spent a year beating prostate cancer. He spent the next decade shaking up cancer research. Now thousands of men are living longer—and leaders everywhere are taking notice.

Young, Gifted, Black—And Out Of Here
A generation looks beyond acceptance in business.

Up Against The Wal-Mart
Think your job is tough? Meet the people whose task it is to unionize the world's biggest company.

Women vs. Wal-Mart
How can the retailer reconcile its storied culture with the anger of these female workers?

Fortune Small Business Magazine

Confessions Of An Embezzler
Quiet and hard-working, she seemed like the perfect employee. Until her boss found out she had stolen almost $250,000 from the company. Now she's fresh out of prison and seeking redemption. This is the story of how and why she did it.

New York Times

LIVES; Not the Marrying Kind
I found out in sixth grade. I was supposed to go to a friend's house after school, but during lunch period, she remembered it was her parents' wedding anniversary. I'd have to come over another afternoon. I understood.

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